Friday, 22 February 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick

The new eyeshadow sticks from Rimmel are amazing for the price.  You may need a base if you have an oily lid though.  Thanks for stopping by xx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Nails of the Day - Estee Lauder Nouveau Riche

Estee lauder have a Gift With Purchase offer on at my local chemist so I decided that I "needed" to purchase two items to get the gift.  I bought a lipstick in Crystal Nude which is lovely (post to follow) but today I'm going to share with you the nail polish I bought.

I love Estee Lauder nail polishes.  The are great quality, come in a variety of beautiful colours and they last well on my nails. Being a regular swimmer it's very difficult to keep any sort of nail polish looking well on my nails.  As a result I wear it less than I would like to.

I immediately fell in love with the shade Nouveau Riche.  It's a beautiful sparkly gold colour.  In the picture below I am wearing 2 coats of Nouvea Rich with a Rimmel Base Coat underneath and Seche Vite Top Coat on top.

As you can see it's absolutely beautiful.  It looks even more gorgeous when it catches the light.

It's quite expensive at £14.50 per bottle but if you can afford to splash out on a couple of these you will love them.  I myself only own a few because of the hefty price.  Although when a gift with purchase is on these are a relatively cheap buy to get the gift.  I only ever buy any Estee Lauder or Clinique products that I need when there is a gift on.  It makes the expense less painful.

These can be purchased at your local Estee Lauder counter or online here where they have a few utterly beautiful shades that are available online only.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Clinique Gift With Purchase Unboxing

This is my most recent gift with purchase from Clinique.  This was available at Debenhams but is finishing tomorrow.  Gift With Purchase is a great way to try out some new products from your favourite cosmetics company without having to buy full sized items which you may not like or which may not agree with you.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Boots 17 Doll'd Up Mascara and Free Eyeliner

Boots currently have a new mascara out as part of their Seventeen range called Doll'd Up.  At present if you buy this mascara you get a free gift of a Boots 17 Doll'd Up 3 Way Eyeliner.

Well as I love a free gift and I was in the market for a new mascara I thought I'd give it a go.  The mascara costs £5.29 or 529 Advantage points and can be picked up in your local Boots or online here.

The mascara itself is lovely.  It claims to give "up to 24hr curl and wide-eyed volume for doll like eyes".  As far as I have noticed it does not give any curl and gives minimal volume but it does give beautiful length and I find it quite natural looking which is what I'm after in a mascara.  Perhaps if I applied loads of layers I would get the volume benefit but I hate the look of mascara that is applied with a heavy hand.

The eyeliner pen is amazing.  It comes in black and has a 3 way nib which can be used to achieve various looks from a fine line to a bold line or anything inbetween.

It applies as a very dark black and gives amazing definition.  It also has ridiculously brilliant staying power.  I have worn this for 24 hours and it hasn't budged, looking as fresh after 24 hours as it did when first applied, even if I didn't!  It can even survive a good old eye rub as can the mascara.  I inadvertently forgot that I had eye makeup on and began rubbing my tired eyes.  I hastily stopped but not before one eye had had a good rub.  I didn't have any tell tale black marks and was totally amazed as when I do this there are usually some signs of eye makeup carnage afterwards.

I'm not sure if this eyeliner can be purchased on its own but it's definitely worth picking up the mascara while the free eyeliner pen offer is still on.  Great value and great performance.  What more can a girl ask for?


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