Thursday, 28 January 2010

Face of the Day

This is my FOTD from yesterday.


Estee Lauder Lucidity Foundation
Estee Lauder Cream Blusher
Mac MSF Natural all over face
Mac MSF shimmer as highlight
Mac Coygirl Blusher
Mac Coppertone Blusher as contour


Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay in Place Eyeshadow Base
Mac Eyeshadows in Patina all over lid, Black Tied in outer corner and as a liner and Shroom as highlight
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara


Mac Lipstick in Pervette

This pic also features my new darker than normal eyebrows!! I'm not sure if you'll be able to tell from the picture but I tinted my eyebrows slightly darker than normal this time. I can't be bothered with the faff of having to use an eyebrow pencil all the time and for this reason I am a big fan of tinting. I also waxed them. I am trying to let them grow back slightly fuller for a change too.

How do you like to do your eyebrows?

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My New Love

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I was getting a new car today. Although I was very sad to be parting with my old car I was soon in love with my new baby.

It's a new Ford Fiesta Zetec. My last car was also a Ford Fiesta Zetec (1997) which I loved too. I am a big fan of the Fiesta. This one is a joy to drive. It's slightly bigger than the old one and it feels a wee bit bigger from the inside. It also has a bit more oomph than the last one although the engine size is the same.

It has lots of toys, the best being a USB port for my iPod. The last car had a jack connection which I used for my iPod but with the USB I can control my iPod through the car and the car display tells me the song name, artist etc. I love that feature!! It also has blue tooth so I can connect my phone to the car. I'm not really great with the whole blue tooth thing but I managed to make a test call to my husband and it worked!! It's not exactly rocket science and the kids thought it was great that they could talk to dad through the car as well.

Can't wait to get out in it again lol

Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Reviver Review

I was sent this eye treatment from The Body Shop quite a few months ago to try. As I was wading my way through lots of stuff that I already owned I have only recently been able to try this out. I have now been using it for about 4 weeks and I think that is long enough for me to be able to give you my honest opinion if it.

What is it for?

Wake up tired eyes with this lightweight gel cream. Non-greasy and extra gentle.

How much is it?

£9 for 15ml


I think the packaging is lovely and bright. It's hard to lose this bottle lol

Does it work?

It is a lovely, lightweight and non greasy eye cream. It is easliy absorbed into the skin and forms a good base for eyeshadow. I have been using it morning and night and haven't had to wait too long after applying before I can apply my eyeshadow. Probably about 5 minutes is enough. I normally do my skin care routine, then go off and have breakfast, giving all the products time to be absorbed, then apply make up.

I don't think it has much of a brightnening effect though. At least not on me. I would imagine that a brightening product would have some sort of effect on dark circles but this sadly does not. My dark circles have returned with a vengeance since I stopped using my HG eye cream to test this one out.

Would I purchase this myself?

Probably not given that it does nothing for my dark circles. However if dark circles were not an issue for me then I might purchase this again.

Would I recommend it?

Only to people who don't have issues with dark circles. It is a lovely cream and with it being so easily absorbed into the skin it is great before make up. It's reasonably priced (it's approximately half the price of my HG eye cream). I love the packaging and with The Body Shop in lots of towns across the country it is easily accessable to most people.

I hope you find this review helpful. Let me know what you think of the format. I think doing all reviews like this may make them easier to read.

Monday, 18 January 2010

New Year New Bag

Everywhere I have been looking lately I have seen loads of Duffle bags. According to Look Magazine they are the must have bag for the season. Well who am I to argue with Look? They also mentioned a lovely bag from M&S. It's the must have £25 duffle bag of the season. I liked the look of it in the magazine so of course I had to investigate it in the flesh. They had featured a blue one but in my local M&S they only had one bag and it was black. Perfect for me so I bought it quickly before someone else did lol:)

This is my new bag.

It was love from the moment I first set eyes on it. Sometimes I see things in magazines but when I see them in real life they just aren't what I had imagined and just aren't "me". This bag was totally different. It's totally "me" and is the perfect size. Not too big so that you get a bad back from carrying it around and not too small so that the seams burst with the amount of "stuff" that a girl can accumulate lol.

It can carry my most important, every day items easily and it has room for more. I like it because I can fit a novel in there no problem. Very handy for taking my latest read to work (although it rarely gets out of my bag lol). If you like to carry a lot of make up then it's perfect for that too.

It's not that great on internal pockets. It does have one zipped pocket on the inside at the back and also two mobile phone type pockets on the inside at the front. Perfect for your phone and your ipod. The main compartment is large enough for everything else though. However if you a girl who does not like to rummage in her bag for stuff and likes a bit more organization in her bag then this is not a great choice for you.

The inner lining is so pretty I had to take a picture of that for you too!!

I'm in love with my new bag. It cost me £25 in Marks and Spencer. Have you picked up any gems in M&S lately?

Monday, 11 January 2010

Get Your New Year Beauty Fix For Free!!

Today I needed a beauty fix, but as it's early January, and therefor too soon after Christmas, I am somewhat short of cash. So when I spotted a sign at one of my local Estee Lauder counters to be colour matched for a free sample of foundation I thought that would do the trick. I went in but alas the Estee Lauder girl wasn't on and despite the best efforts of another sales assistant I came away empty handed as she couldn't find any bottles to put samples in.

Not to be beaten I decided to try another counter. I have 3 in very close proximity to home. My next stop was Boots in the town centre. In I went only to find the Estee Lauder girl missing from there too. So I went across the road to Menary's (a department store) and that Estee Lauder girl was missing too!! What was going on? Why was there a distinct lack of EL staff? By now I had my heart set on getting something to try so I went to the Clinique counter. They were much better off having 2 girls working there today lol. They don't do samples so I opted for having foundation, concealer and blusher applied. I have wanted to try their Supermoisture foundation for a while now so I thought this was a perfect time.

The Clinique girl colour matched me, applied the Airbrush concealer under my eyes and added some cream blusher. This is the result.

This foundation gives a light coverage and a natural finish. It has light reflecting particles in it and they are visible under close inspection but not too obvious. I think I will purchase this when I am financially better off. I also liked the Airbrush concealer. The make up has lasted all day and has felt good on my skin. It wasn't set with powder (I ALWAYS use powder so this was a bit alien for me today) but it still had staying power.
Now I was on a roll I decided to try EL in Boots again. This time I had better luck as the girl was there (maybe the fact that I did this around lunch time could explain their absences?). She held her wee chart up to my face and gave me a sample in the colour she thought best matched me. Oddly enough it was the same colour I had decided I wanted at the first EL counter. I had time to swatch a few there.
So here it is. My 7 day sample of Resilience Lift Foundation in Fair. I'll be giving this baby a whirl tomorrow and see what I think.

Have you tried any EL or Clinique foundations? What's your favourite?


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