Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I Have Finally Given In To The Whole Depotting Thingy

I have never before been interested in depotting my Mac eyeshadows but tonight something snapped inside me and I had a little go at depotting!  I'm pleased to announce that there were no casualties and it was much easier than I expected.  I might even do more (well lets not get too carried away lol).

I only buy Mac eyeshadows in pan form now but I still have loads of eyeshadows in the pots from my early purchases.  The reason that I have decided now to depot is the fact that my potted eyeshadows (or at least most of them) get very little or no love whatsover.  So my thoughts are that if I have them in a palette then at least they will be loved like they should:)

So here are my first 4 babies:

They are from top left: Shadowy Lady, Femme-Fi, Expensive Pink and Smut.  As you can see they definitely do deserve some love:)

I'm going to attempt to Back to Mac the pots tomorrow.  I'm not sure about the whole not being able to B2M pots without the pans in them.  Anyone who knows for sure please let me know:)  I'll chance my arm and hope for a nice MUA.  I've always got hope lol

I've also got an empty foundation and an empty Strobe Lotion to return.  Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The End Of The Body Shop As We Know It?

As anyone who has read my previous posts on The Body Shop will know I am a huge fan of their products.  They take me back to really happy times in my life from the time it first opened in Belfast and my friend got a job in it to the time I lived in Brighton and was able to do a Body Shop tour in their place just up the coast in Bognor and all the great times inbetween and since.

So you can imagine my dismay when I saw this in my local shopping centre:

The actual Body Shop shop had closed and this replaced it.  A very sorry excuse for The Body Shop.  It obviously stocks a lot less than the shop did and the makeup section is non existant.  Pathetic really and I find it extremely sad.  It depresses me every time I walk past it.  The worst part though is the fact that it is only like this until Christmas and then it will be GONE!!  The staff who have worked there for years are to lose their jobs.  An unfortunate reminder of the times we now live in.  I really feel for those girls, some of whom have been there for a long time.  They have to spend their final days as Body Shop employees sitting in the middle of a shopping centre.  The chairs look really uncomfortable and if they are there on their own at any time how do they manage a toilet break?!  Just to make their last days in this job even more depressing they have to completely stock this stall in the mornings and then completely unstock it at closing time so that it looks like this:

Seing it like this depresses me even more:(  Of course we will still have an actual Body Shop shop to go to in Belfast (at least I think I do but it may have been reduced to a similar stall type thingy) but it's just not the same.  I loved having a browse before I did my weekly groceries and if I needed anything it was literally a 5 minute drive away.  I loved the  smell of the shop and the friendliness of the girls. 

There is also the online side of the Body Shop where I will still be able to buy stuff but it's so much more difficult to try anything new if you can't see it.  I feel that is a very important aspect of The Body Shop that really shouldn't be lost. 

I'm sure Anita Roddick would be turning in her grave to see what's become of the actual shops. 

Do you still have a local Body Shop?  Would you be sad to see it go or am I alone here?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

YouTube Guru and Blogger Rant

Recently I have been becoming increasingly annoyed by the amount of YT gurus and bloggers who post "reviews" of products that they have literally just opened.  I don't know about you, but I believe a review should be about a product that you have used for a while.  It's impossible to get all the good and bad points simply from opening the product.  These types of posts/videos should be more appropriately titled as "unboxing" or something similar because that is basically what they are.  I clicked on a product review video this morning and as soon as I realised that it was really just a product promotion video for products that had been sent to them I quickly stopped the video and went to do something less boring instead.

Whilst I am on the subject, another pet hate of mine is YouTubers and Bloggers who don't reply to any comments you make.  Even worse, some Bloggers in particular, don't reply to ANY comments made on their posts.  I feel this is incredibably rude and extremely big headed of them not to interact with their viewers/readers.  After all, without the viewers/readers then what is the point?   Viewers/readers and their loyalty to the YouTuber/Blogger shouldn't go completely unnoticed.  Granted, some gurus receive a large amount of comments and can't physically answer them all, but bloggers in general receive a lot less and I don't think there is any excuse for not replying to people on a blog. 

Perhaps I am expecting too much of Gurus/Bloggers.  Is a little display of good manners to much to ask?  What do you think?


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