Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I Have Finally Given In To The Whole Depotting Thingy

I have never before been interested in depotting my Mac eyeshadows but tonight something snapped inside me and I had a little go at depotting!  I'm pleased to announce that there were no casualties and it was much easier than I expected.  I might even do more (well lets not get too carried away lol).

I only buy Mac eyeshadows in pan form now but I still have loads of eyeshadows in the pots from my early purchases.  The reason that I have decided now to depot is the fact that my potted eyeshadows (or at least most of them) get very little or no love whatsover.  So my thoughts are that if I have them in a palette then at least they will be loved like they should:)

So here are my first 4 babies:

They are from top left: Shadowy Lady, Femme-Fi, Expensive Pink and Smut.  As you can see they definitely do deserve some love:)

I'm going to attempt to Back to Mac the pots tomorrow.  I'm not sure about the whole not being able to B2M pots without the pans in them.  Anyone who knows for sure please let me know:)  I'll chance my arm and hope for a nice MUA.  I've always got hope lol

I've also got an empty foundation and an empty Strobe Lotion to return.  Wish me luck!!


  1. You don't need the metal pans, just the plastic parts is fine in Debenhams. Enjoy! xx

  2. @arlene Thanks hun:) I hope you are keeping well xx

  3. I really like smut, I'll have to check it out next time. I hope they still do back to mac without the pans!



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