Thursday, 25 March 2010

Laura Mercier Illiminating Tinted Moisturiser Review

I bought this quite a while ago from Space NK in Belfast and I paid £32. I have given it a good test drive and here is my review:)

This is a lovely product and delivers what it says it will. It contains an SPF20 which is great for all year round use. Remember that SPF should be worn every day, even in winter to slow down the wrinkle development. It is suitable for all skin types and the coverage is buildable. I however, don't build my coverage as I prefer my coverage to be light. It evens out my skin tone and it goes a long way to cover my dark circles under my eyes. Not as good as a foundation but absolutely better than any other tinted moisturiser I have tried.

It somes in a tube containing 50ml. Most products of this type come in either 30 or 50ml so this will last you a long time (obviously depending on frequency of use and coverage required). A little bit of this product goes a long way, so use it sparingly as the first time I used it I squeezed too much out of the tube. Doing this too often can result in an expensive waste. Remember it's easier to take it out of the tube than to put it back in:)

You can find out more from the Space NK website here:

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser

Here I am sporting the TM.

This is with 1 layer of product on and I think it does give a dewy/glowy finish. There are tiny particles of shimmer in the TM which are what create the glow. They are small and subtle and will not make you look like a Cullen caught in the sunlight. However, if you prefer a matte finish then avoid this.

I love this TM, it's perfect for days when I can't be bothered with too much make up but I want to look well. I have a tendency to look very pale and a little bit of TM and a cream blush can stop people asking me if I'm ok.

Have you tried any Laura Mercier products?


  1. Looking Good Jenny :) I havent tried any of Laura Mercier Products but i would mind giving them a go! :)

  2. Thanks Shelley:) I have only tried this LM product so far but would like to try more. I'd need to win the lottery first though lol

  3. It looks great on you. I prefer a light cover for summer so I may look into this. My skin is quite oily though so I might ask for a sample first before I make the investment ! The girls in Space NK are really lovely

  4. This looks great on you - I really like Tinted Moisturisers and have wondered about this one for a while now.



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