Saturday, 27 March 2010

Lipstick or Lip Gloss?

Which do you prefer?

I am currently going through a lipstick phase but I was a gloss lover for such a long time before that. I'm not a fan of doing the whole lipstick/gloss combo thing though. Far too much effort involved in applying 2 products;)

I may start preferring gloss again when the sun eventually makes an appearance lol.

So do you like lipstick, gloss, both or do yougo through phases like me? I'd love to know xx


  1. I go through phases too, but mostly I'm a lipstick girl. I always feel so much more 'done up' wearing lipstick. I do love the gloss finish and the way lipgloss feels more moisturising but I think you can get that from lipstick's now too and you don't have the sticky feeling either

  2. Lipstick for sure.
    LOVE applying it, wearing it, how it looks. Everything

  3. Most of the time I wear neither :) But occasionally (Like once a month!) I wear lipstick. Lipgloss annoys me as my hair gets stuck in it and I find lipstick lasts longer.

  4. @everyone Thanks for your answers girls xx

  5. I like tinted lipgloss.. have you tried Lanolips? Check it out at



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