Tuesday, 7 December 2010

YouTube Guru and Blogger Rant

Recently I have been becoming increasingly annoyed by the amount of YT gurus and bloggers who post "reviews" of products that they have literally just opened.  I don't know about you, but I believe a review should be about a product that you have used for a while.  It's impossible to get all the good and bad points simply from opening the product.  These types of posts/videos should be more appropriately titled as "unboxing" or something similar because that is basically what they are.  I clicked on a product review video this morning and as soon as I realised that it was really just a product promotion video for products that had been sent to them I quickly stopped the video and went to do something less boring instead.

Whilst I am on the subject, another pet hate of mine is YouTubers and Bloggers who don't reply to any comments you make.  Even worse, some Bloggers in particular, don't reply to ANY comments made on their posts.  I feel this is incredibably rude and extremely big headed of them not to interact with their viewers/readers.  After all, without the viewers/readers then what is the point?   Viewers/readers and their loyalty to the YouTuber/Blogger shouldn't go completely unnoticed.  Granted, some gurus receive a large amount of comments and can't physically answer them all, but bloggers in general receive a lot less and I don't think there is any excuse for not replying to people on a blog. 

Perhaps I am expecting too much of Gurus/Bloggers.  Is a little display of good manners to much to ask?  What do you think?


  1. I think like myself a lot of other people agree 100% with you I love it when any of my blogposts get a comment and I always take the time to reply back or even on twitter I always make sure (even if it is late) to comment back to acknowledge their response, I dont make Youtube videos but I subscribe to a lot of gurus and it is nice when people comment you back if you make a comment on their video :)

  2. @shelley Thanks Shelley:)

    @MissJodieElizabeth It's great that you take the time to reply. I definitely feel that it makes the readerviewer feel valued and more likely to return. Like yourself, I always try to reply, although sometimes it is a bit late:)

  3. I don't answer to every comment, but will always reply to a question.


  4. I agree, bloggers should reply- especially if you've just recommended something or complimented them; it's pure manners.

  5. Completely agree with you here! I feel that unless you have an insane amount of followers and simply can't get to everyone, you should take the time to reply. I don't take it personally if someone doesn't reply to my comment every time by any means. But every once in a while, hearing from people you take the time to watch/read about is courteous...and to me that's what this blogging thing is all about! I love the interaction and that is a huge reason why I do it :)

  6. @Lousie it's great to know that you'll reply to a question:)

    @mary manners can be lacking on some blogs lol

    @ellamarie84 I love commenting on your blog because I know I'll always get a reply. It makes me feel valued xx



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