Friday, 12 November 2010

Z Palette

I have seen these before on Pixiwoo videos and have always managed to resist.  However, on the last Products of the Week video I saw these again and decided I needed one in my life.  So I actually bought 2.  I got the small one and the big one, both in zebra print. 

For some reason Blogger is showing the picture on its side even though it was the right way up before.  Grrrr!

Anyway you get the idea.  I wanted one of these mainly because it means I can store blusher and eyeshadow together and make them much more accessable in the mornings when I'm getting ready.  I find the Mac blusher palettes too large and consequently I don't use my pan blushers but tend to reach for the ones I have still in the pot.  So, in a way, this will help me to be able to use up more of my makeup.  Score!!

The palettes themselves are incredibably sturdy and the lid closes very securely on them.  I have filled my small one and will leave the larger one for a while yet.  I'll probably put more blushers in the large one ao that I can get at even more items in the same palette.

So here is a picture of the palette opened.  Again Blogger has published it with a different orientation than it had ariginally.

The shadows are:

Top Row:

The 2 shadows below Omega are:
Satin Taupe

and the blusher is Well Dressed.

The Omega, Twinks and Satin Taupe are all brand new and I couldn't wait to get them in their new home:)

Finally here is a picture of the large palette on its side.  I still have the wrapper on it as I'm playing with the smaller one first:)

The small one cost £12.95 and the large one was £18.55.  I suppose these are expensive and I hope they turn out to be worth the money.  I know I could take my Mac palettes apart to achieve my aim of being able to store blusher and eyeshadow in the same palette but where's the fun in that?  I want to have something that does the job and is nice to look at.  The Z Palette ticks both these boxes.

I bought them from Makeup Provisions and I have to say their service was incredible.  I only ordered these yesterday and they arrived today!!  That is amazing in my opinion.  The postage was rather steep at £9 but they were sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery which I think costs £5 plus the normal postage.  So taking that into account it's not too steep after all.  You get what you pay for at the end of the day!


  1. I love these things. I have one big one at the mo which I'm trying to fill up. I got mine from for about £14.99 and I think P&P was only £3. There are still some of the smaller palettes on there.
    They are fabby to have though! :)

  2. @Natalie @ BeaeMakeup Thanks, I'll have to check that website out. You got a better deal than me:) They are fabby - agreed!!

  3. I love my z palettes! I bought mine directly from the z palette website. a large one cost me 24 euro including the delivery, they took a week to arrive. might be cheaper doing it that way?

  4. @nicolacc2008 Thanks Nic, definitely sounds better to do it your way although I loved the speed of my way. I'm one of these people who wants things now lol. Definitely something to keep in mind if I want to buy more. xx

  5. Looks great! Followed! You should check out my blog for some great makeup and skincare! :)



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