Friday, 26 March 2010

Primark Shoes

What's not to love? Cheap, on trend and comfy. So I picked up these 2 pairs for summer today:)

First of all I loved the look of these pumps. I love flat shoes and I like the fact that these are elasticated. They fit really well and because of the elastic they will stay on my feet much more easily and therefore be more comfortable. They cost £6 so I had to have them. They come in a few colours and I may get more if these ones are as good as they look.
I got size 7. I find that Primark shoes are quite small fitting so definitely worth trying on before you buy. I am generally a size 6 and in M&S shoes I am a 5.5. Quite a variation form 5.5 to 7.
Then I saw these sandals. They cost only £2. Apparently they are going like hot cakes (I heard 2 members of staff saying that this morning so that made me want them even more lol). I hate footwear with toe thongs and this year I am determined to get past this problem. So for £2 I thought they were worth a go and if I really can't stand the toe thongs then it's not a great loss. I picked these up in size 7 as well.

Do you like Primark footwear?


  1. I have those pumps, in fact I had them on earlier. They are sooo comfy, you will love them. What other colours did they have?

  2. i have the black pair and i love them :) there a bargain! xx

  3. I have those sandals as I bought them last year, they sell out fast!

  4. Must have a look for the pumps, hurray for summer shoes :-) last!

  5. @little miss I'm so glad you said they are comfy:) They had a lovely light beige sort of colour in them as well. I might make another visit next week:)

    @TaMi Glad you have the same great taste and that you love them. I'm sure to love mine too xx

    @Louise Yes they seem to be selling out mega fast already and the sandal wearing weather hasn't even arrived yet lol

    @nicolacc2008 now all we need is some sun lol

  6. I have the black pumps too, i also have them in the gold colour, i love them, but i agree i had to buy a bigger size than usual in them too

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  8. I love primark! Everything is so cheap, not good quality though but it's okay for fashion victims and low budget people :)

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