Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Use Up Any Old Lotions and Potions

Do you have any old lotions/potions lying around? Maybe just a bit too far past their "best"? Things that you wouldn't dare put on your face but your not sure what to do with?

I do :0

Recently I have found a good use for these to save them ending up in the bin and to treat a certain area of my body to some TLC.

I have been putting them on my feet and so far my feet haven't complained:)

What do you do with any old lotions/potions?


  1. That's a great tip, actually! I have plenty of old lotions and potions that I bet my feel wouldn't mind :)

  2. @ellamarie84 Thanks:) My feet are loving it xx

  3. If Im honest they usually just go in the bin!! Maybe they could be used for something else though lol



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