Sunday, 28 February 2010

Eyelashes To Dye For

Almost everyone is after beautiful long lashes. Unfortuntately some of us are not blessed in that department:((( I have never had really great eyelashes but I have learned to live with it. My lower lashes are especially sparse and also very fair. I am loathe to use any eyelash growth products. I'm just not convinced that they are safe to use and as my peepers are quite important to me I will avoid these products like the plague.

The only solution I have found to do anything for me is eyelash tinting. I had never had this done until I started studying Beauty Therapy but now I do it regularly. I don't like to pay to have this done so I do tint my own eyelashes. It's not easy but it does get better with practice. However I would not recommend this at home and would advise anyone thinking of tinting eyelashes to get it done professionally. It costs around £10 in a salon and will last up to 6 weeks.

Below I have a pic of my own eyelashes. One eye has been tinted and the other hasn't. I do think it's quite obvious which one has been tinted, so there are no prizes for guessing it right lol. I'm sorry about the qulaity of the pic but I need more megapixels!! My current camera only has 5.2. Ideally I would like 10 or 12 but I need to save up for a better camera. In the meantime I hope this gives you an idea of what eyelash tinting can do for your eyelashes. For me I love it because it gives me some noticable lower lashes, it makes any mascara I use much better and if I want to skip the mascara I don't feel as "naked" without it lol

For anyone who can't tell it is my right eye which has the tinted lashes. I have also just tinted my eyebrows (another great treatment if you are lacking in colour in the brows) but the pic was taken before I waxed them. Now they are neat!! I always feel so much better when I have my eyelashes tinted and my eyebrows tinted and waxed.

Do you tint your eyelashes? Have you any other tricks for eyelashes?


  1. I dont tint them myself but i have had them done at a salon, i loved the result but hated having it done, i kept getting the urge to open my eyes lol! plus my eyes stung for a minute or 2 afterwards :(

  2. @shelly1402 yes the stinging is the downside but I don't mind it. It usually doesn't sting too much, depending on the therapist lol

  3. Glad you found something that works for you. :-)

  4. although mine aren't too long or thick i'm lucky they are black so would never have to tint them. i got extensions done n the salon once and they were amazing although i wouldn't recommend because of the price and they don't leave your lashes in great condition x x other than that.... clinique high impact mascara!

  5. mine used to be quite long but since i started wearing mascara regularly they seem to have got all light at the tips :( i use 'balm balm' and similar products to condition them but havent had them tinted.
    My mum and sister got eyelash extensions in Belfast that looked brillant while they lasted!

  6. nicolacc2008 You are so lucky to have black eyelashes:) I love Clinique High Impact Mascara xx

  7. @ A Cartain Vintage That's a pity that yours have gone light at the tips:( Eyelash extensions do look amazing but too much upkeep involved for me lol xx



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