Friday, 19 February 2010

Keeping The Wrinkles At Bay

Today I was unable to resist the sign at my local Estee Lauder Counter that said "Gift Time" was on again. I am a sucker for these and also a firm believer that if I'm going to buy the stuff anyway then I should wait until a Gift Time is running before making any purchases.

I went in and (for once) the Estee Lauder assistant was there. She was lovely and showed me some special sets that they had. I think it's time for me to think about stepping up a gear as far as moisturiser goes. The wrinkles are appearing and I need a good moisturiser that will help to combat them.

So I settled for this set.

Estee Lauder Beautiful Skin Solutions - Anti-wrinkle.

Most of the products I have used before and loved but the "new" thing for me is the Time Zone Moisturiser and Time Zone Eye Cream. I'm looking forward to trying these out and seeing if they make any difference or not.

The set also includes Soft Clean Foaming Cleanser and Toner, Perfectionist serum, 2 bags (a small one and a large one) and 2 empty bottles for decanting the products into when travelling. I thought that was a pretty neat idea.

This set cost me £47 and it contains over £100 worth of products.

I also bought an eyeliner (Doublewear eyeliner in Bronze) which I have been after for a while and then of course I got my gift with purchase. I'm altogether a happy EL shopper:)


  1. I use perfectionist and it's pretty great. I want Doublewear eyeliner in Bronze too.

  2. @Lipstick Rules I'm loving the Perfectionist but it's so expensive!! The Bronze eyeliner is beautiful. You should definitely get it xx



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