Saturday, 31 October 2009


Nails of the day:) Here we have OPI's Bubble Bath. It's a gorgeous soft pink. I actually bought this for my mum ages ago and whilst visiting her today I painted her nails. Of course I painted my own as well. I love this colour. The polish has such a lovely smooth and shiny finish too. A winner all round in my opinion. Now I only wish I had got one for myself lol:)
Have you tried any OPI? What is your favourite nail polish of the moment (any brand)?

Friday, 30 October 2009

Cute Make Up Bag

I saw this make up bag in Next last week and couldn't resist it. I thought it was really cute and of course I had to have it. I do need another make up bag though, honestly (crosses fingers behind back). It was only £4.50 and I thought it would be ideal for storing my every day make up. I always think this is a great idea and soon after the bag becomes so full that it necessitates me buying another one, or at least having a good clear out and deciding what I actually need in my every day make up bag.

What things do you find hard to resist?

Thursday, 22 October 2009

They're Back!!

That's what the sign said at my local Body Shop today. I had heard rumours that some old favourites would be making a come back so I was very excited to see that sign:)

Here is what I bought:

All are old favourites of mine- Banana shampoo and conditioner, Green Apple Bath and Shower Gel and I also got 2 samples. One of which I asked for which was the Cucumber Cleanser and the assistant gave my daughter her own sample of Satsuma Body Lotion which I have never tried before but it smells devine! For anyone who doesn't know the Body Shop will give you a sample of any product you ask for. They have little sample pots which they will fill up for you. An awesome way of trying out their stuff before buying as I find their stuff can be quite expensive. So definitely worth remembering if you want to try something:)

Here's the pics of my little splurge:) I also get 10% off in the Body Shop with a work scheme so it makes it even more attractive.
I used to use Banana Shampoo and Conditioner years ago. I also used the Cucumber Cleanser way back then too. I was in love with The Body Shop when it first opened. My best friend at the time had a part time job in it so I would get loads of advice from her on what products to use and she also let me use her discount. Bonus!! We had many a night out together, staying over at each others houses and removing our make up together with our Cucumber Cleanser and we also loved the Cucumber Toner. We both had an "Against Animal Testing" sweatshirt and thought we were so cool wearing those. The Body Shop stood for so many things that we as teenagers believed in. It was awesome. We also loved using the Banana Shampoo and Conditioner and loved the smell of our hair after we'd used them. I'm hoping the new versions are just as good if not better. They certainly smell the same way that I remember them to smell. The Green Apple Bath and Shower Gel also smells the same way I remember it to.
I was lucky enough to be able to visit The Body Shop HQ in Bognor Regis and take a tour. I lived in England for a few years in my early 20s and was able to do this while I was there. I was totally in my element on this tour. I thought it was fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not sure if you can still do this but if you can I'd thoroughly recommend it. I also remember a lady who was on my tour complimenting me on my clear skin and saying I was a great advert for Body Shop products. She certainly knew how to make a girl feel good about herself lol.
What are your memories of Body Shop products? Anyone else been on the tour? I'd love to know xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Free Jemma Kidd Lipgloss With Bodyform

Everybody loves a freebie and this offer is brilliant because you don't have to spend much to get it!! Bonus for me is that I use Bodyform anyway so I can stock up on these and they will be used.

The Deal

Bodyform are giving away a Jemma Kidd Make Up School Lipgloss worth £10 with promotional packs of Bodyform. I got mine in Tesco where they are currently on offer 2 for £2. They normally retail for £1.30 per pack so this is a good deal anyway without the lipgloss. Add the lipgloss in and it's an awesome deal:)

There are 2 shades to collect so I got both of them. The lipglosses are limited edition and are both really wearable pink shades. Check out what it says on the Bodyform website here

I have never tried any Jemma Kidd products. It's not easily accessable to me and I think it's quite expensive. These lipglosses are quite small and I don't think I'd spend £10 on one of these. However I am open minded and who knows these lip glosses could lead me on to a Jemma Kidd addiction:)

Have you any Jemma Kidd recomendations for me?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Vanity vs Laziness

A quick post to ask you all which one wins?

For me it's laziness most times. Yes I am the one who will take the extra 10 minutes in bed and skip makeup some days:) I regularly do the morning school run sans makeup. Wait a minute who am I trying to kid? I ALWAYS do the morning school run sans makeup. Heck sometimes I even do the home time school run without it lol!! I figure there isn't much point in rushing to look good for the morning school run. I like to come home and apply my make up somewhat more leisurely:) I have even been known to take the kids to school with my pj top still on under my coat but shhh don't tell anyone;0

I must add that I do always wear makeup to work but on occasions when the extra 10 minutes in bed becomes 20 minutes I have been known to take my make up with me and apply it at work:)

So do you prefer to never leave the house without your makeup on or do you love your bed just a little too much? Fess up here:)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Amazon Delivery

Today I came home from a long day at work to be greeted with a parcel from Amazon!! I was so excited as I ordered a few days ago and have been eagerly waiting the arrival of this:)
Yes it's panacea81's book (Lauren Luke Look Like a Star). I have to say that Lauren Luke holds a special place in my heart as she was the first make up guru I came across on Youtube. I remember the first times I watched her and the pug was snoring in the backgound. At that stage I didn't know what was making the noise and had visions of a person asleep in the room lol!. I have also tried several of her looks and been complimented on how well I looked on those occasions:) I am so happy for her. She has done so well for herself and is an inspiration to us all.
On first glance (I have only had a chance to briefly flick) the book looks great. It's bright, colourful, well laid out, nicely written and is a nice size of book. It's paperback too which I love. There are lots of tips, looks and celebrity looks. I paid £9.34 for it on Amazon and it came in about 4-5 days (seemed like forever to me lol).
I'll do a more in depth review when I have devoured it cover to cover. I'll be off to bed with this baby tonight. Have you got this yet?

Friday, 9 October 2009

New Hair Colour

Yesterday I got my highlights done again. I was badly in need of this. I normally go a bit darker for winter but this time I have gone quite a bit darker than normal. I'm loving it so far!! I love how straight the hairdresser can blow dry it:) I can never get it looking this good without my trusty GHDs lol. Next task is to tint my eyebrows a bit darker as I think it will look good with my new darker hair:)

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Here is my first LOTD with my recent purchases from Next. I went out last night to see a friend who moved to Australia 21 months ago and is home for a wee break at the minute.

I am wearing

Denim Mini-Next
Over the knee boots-Primark (a complete bargain at £14.68!!)

Make up consists of:
Estee Lauder Double wear light foundation
Rimmel pressed powder
Mac Bronzer
Illamasqua Nymph Blusher

Mac Amber Lights
Mac Antiqued in the crease and under lower lashes
Mac Vanilla under brows and in inner corner
The Body SHop eyeliner (the new bronze one)
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Black

By Terry Baume de Rose
Mac Myth on top

I had been wearing this make up all day and just added some oomph to be eyes prior to going out. I had a nice night and it was lovely to see my friend again:)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

My New Bag

I have been hankering after a nice big bag for a while. I saw one in M&S which I thought I wanted but after closer inspection I changed my mind. Well, it's a girls prerogotive isn't it lol:) I then came across this one in Next. It's perfect. A large tote and I love the colour. It's a welcome change from my mountain of black bags. It was £25 which I think is reasonable.

I am having a bit of a Next frenzy at the minute. I am loving the winter collections. They are totally me. I have been waiting a long time for this lol:) I'm loving the skinny jeans, over the knee boots, converse boots, jumper dresses, biker boots, (boots feature a lot in my faves) checked shirts. I love love love it all:) Expect some more OOTD posts xx

It's All True

Yes, of course I'm talking about ByTerry's Baume De Rose SPF15. All I can say is WOW!!! This stuff is amazing. It smells like roses (absolutely divine), it goes on really well, it lasts for a really long time (significantly longer than any other lip balm I own) and it has no bad taste (think Mac Tendertones and the latest lip balms - Yuk!!). It is so moisturising on my lips and if you have very dry lips you will notice a difference pretty soon after starting to use this. It will be great for the winter.

It is extremely pricey though. At £31 for 10g it is 31 times more expensive than most other lip balms I own. I bought mine at Space NK, a shop I had managed to avoid my whole beauty junkie life until quite recently. In some ways I'm glad I did (my pocket is certainly glad) but in other ways I'm wondering what other treats I have missed out on. I am now lusting after some high end shampoo/ conditioner etc. I'm saving my pennies for a future spree:)

I will definietely repurchase Baume De Rose. It truly is amazing. It can also be used on cuticles and as per my previous post on using my lip balm on my cuticles I have seen a marked improvement in my cuticles using this balm on them.

Anyone else tried this?


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