Saturday, 10 October 2009

Amazon Delivery

Today I came home from a long day at work to be greeted with a parcel from Amazon!! I was so excited as I ordered a few days ago and have been eagerly waiting the arrival of this:)
Yes it's panacea81's book (Lauren Luke Look Like a Star). I have to say that Lauren Luke holds a special place in my heart as she was the first make up guru I came across on Youtube. I remember the first times I watched her and the pug was snoring in the backgound. At that stage I didn't know what was making the noise and had visions of a person asleep in the room lol!. I have also tried several of her looks and been complimented on how well I looked on those occasions:) I am so happy for her. She has done so well for herself and is an inspiration to us all.
On first glance (I have only had a chance to briefly flick) the book looks great. It's bright, colourful, well laid out, nicely written and is a nice size of book. It's paperback too which I love. There are lots of tips, looks and celebrity looks. I paid £9.34 for it on Amazon and it came in about 4-5 days (seemed like forever to me lol).
I'll do a more in depth review when I have devoured it cover to cover. I'll be off to bed with this baby tonight. Have you got this yet?


  1. Hey,
    I got mine and its fab isnt it!! Got my signed today - will be doing a blog post with some pics 2moro.

  2. @Happy1234 I'm looking forward to your post xx

  3. I was hoping to get this book soon! Let us know how it is! :) I am in the middle of reading "The Makeup Artist Handbook" from Amazon, its fantastic so far! :)



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