Friday, 5 February 2010

Let Down By Clinique Today:(

Clinique were supposed to launch their new Juiced Up range on their counters today. I got this information straight from their website

Being the sad make up junkie that I am and also being a huge Clinique fan I rushed to my local counter this morning to check it out and I was busting to get my hands on the new Instant Lift For Brows (brows are my latest obsession).

I made my way to the counter and had a quick glance across it to see the display of the new goodies. I spotted it and went over for closer inspection. The Clinique lady came over to me to offer her assistance. When I asked for the Instant Lift For Brows she said that they didn't actually have it in and that the display items were simply to show what was coming in the future. WTF!!!! I assured her that I had read on the website that these items would be available to buy on the counters on Friday. She then found a Clinique leaflet thingy that backed up my story. The items were indeed due to be on the counters today.

She still didn't have any but she assured me that she would get on to her area manager and see why they weren't in yet. She took my phone number and said she'd call me. I still haven't received that call:(

I have been a massive fan of Clinique for more years than I care to think about. I am extremely disappointed today with the lack of knowledge/products at my local counter. What a big let down for me:(

I will be attempting another counter tomorrow;0


  1. Oh nooo - how annoying! I hate it when things like that happen!

  2. I know, it's so annoying to get your hopes built up for nothing:( The sad sad life of a make up junkie lol



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