Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Most Expensive Item Tag

The lovely Kelly started this tag and I think it's s great idea. Check out her blog here:

I tend to buy a lot of expensive items but probably my most expensive item is the By Terry Baume de Rose. This is an incredibly expensive lip balm (£32 at Space NK) and I just had to have it after Lollipop26 mentioned it.

As a result of it being so expensive I am "afraid" to use it up and therefore it is sitting in my bathroom collectiong dust lol. I really must start using it again as it is lovely:)

What is your most expensive item? Do you use it? Was it worth it? Or are you like me and don't want to use it all up lol.


  1. Great post - thanks for doing the Tag. I havent heard of this product before.

  2. @Happy1234 It's awesome but so expensive for a lip balm. It can also be used on your cuticles. I must start using mine again. No point in paying all that money for it to go off lol

  3. My most expensive is probably my Chanel Bronze Universel. I haven't used it in a long time. I do like it but I forget I have it! I guess I should use it more. :-)

  4. @LipGlossGossip I really wnat to try the Chanel Bronze Universel but the price tag has put me off. One of these days I'll give in ang get it and then it can collect dust along with my Baume de Rose lol

  5. I think mine was Clinique foundation Superbalanced, i think it was £19.50 which is the most i've paid for any make-up. Then i ended up buying it again as the girl in boots matched me wrong :( so i had 2 bottles of it! lol! i did use it all up though, i wasnt letting it go to waste :)

  6. I hear ya on the Baume de Rose from By Terry - I have two samples of it cause there was no way I was paying 79CHF for a lip balm! (By the way, I am not using my samples either as i don't want to get hooked on such an expensive product lol)

  7. @shelley1402 I hate letting stuff go to waste lol

    @jassydevil It's just so expensive for a lip balm but so amazing.



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