Monday, 11 January 2010

Get Your New Year Beauty Fix For Free!!

Today I needed a beauty fix, but as it's early January, and therefor too soon after Christmas, I am somewhat short of cash. So when I spotted a sign at one of my local Estee Lauder counters to be colour matched for a free sample of foundation I thought that would do the trick. I went in but alas the Estee Lauder girl wasn't on and despite the best efforts of another sales assistant I came away empty handed as she couldn't find any bottles to put samples in.

Not to be beaten I decided to try another counter. I have 3 in very close proximity to home. My next stop was Boots in the town centre. In I went only to find the Estee Lauder girl missing from there too. So I went across the road to Menary's (a department store) and that Estee Lauder girl was missing too!! What was going on? Why was there a distinct lack of EL staff? By now I had my heart set on getting something to try so I went to the Clinique counter. They were much better off having 2 girls working there today lol. They don't do samples so I opted for having foundation, concealer and blusher applied. I have wanted to try their Supermoisture foundation for a while now so I thought this was a perfect time.

The Clinique girl colour matched me, applied the Airbrush concealer under my eyes and added some cream blusher. This is the result.

This foundation gives a light coverage and a natural finish. It has light reflecting particles in it and they are visible under close inspection but not too obvious. I think I will purchase this when I am financially better off. I also liked the Airbrush concealer. The make up has lasted all day and has felt good on my skin. It wasn't set with powder (I ALWAYS use powder so this was a bit alien for me today) but it still had staying power.
Now I was on a roll I decided to try EL in Boots again. This time I had better luck as the girl was there (maybe the fact that I did this around lunch time could explain their absences?). She held her wee chart up to my face and gave me a sample in the colour she thought best matched me. Oddly enough it was the same colour I had decided I wanted at the first EL counter. I had time to swatch a few there.
So here it is. My 7 day sample of Resilience Lift Foundation in Fair. I'll be giving this baby a whirl tomorrow and see what I think.

Have you tried any EL or Clinique foundations? What's your favourite?


  1. One of my favourite foundations is Clinique Supermoisture. It's amazing - love it!

  2. @tackyblueeyshadow Ooh I definitely want to buy it now:)

  3. man, now I want to try out that clinique foundation too - I just bought new foundation sigh! great post Jenny :)



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