Monday, 18 January 2010

New Year New Bag

Everywhere I have been looking lately I have seen loads of Duffle bags. According to Look Magazine they are the must have bag for the season. Well who am I to argue with Look? They also mentioned a lovely bag from M&S. It's the must have £25 duffle bag of the season. I liked the look of it in the magazine so of course I had to investigate it in the flesh. They had featured a blue one but in my local M&S they only had one bag and it was black. Perfect for me so I bought it quickly before someone else did lol:)

This is my new bag.

It was love from the moment I first set eyes on it. Sometimes I see things in magazines but when I see them in real life they just aren't what I had imagined and just aren't "me". This bag was totally different. It's totally "me" and is the perfect size. Not too big so that you get a bad back from carrying it around and not too small so that the seams burst with the amount of "stuff" that a girl can accumulate lol.

It can carry my most important, every day items easily and it has room for more. I like it because I can fit a novel in there no problem. Very handy for taking my latest read to work (although it rarely gets out of my bag lol). If you like to carry a lot of make up then it's perfect for that too.

It's not that great on internal pockets. It does have one zipped pocket on the inside at the back and also two mobile phone type pockets on the inside at the front. Perfect for your phone and your ipod. The main compartment is large enough for everything else though. However if you a girl who does not like to rummage in her bag for stuff and likes a bit more organization in her bag then this is not a great choice for you.

The inner lining is so pretty I had to take a picture of that for you too!!

I'm in love with my new bag. It cost me £25 in Marks and Spencer. Have you picked up any gems in M&S lately?


  1. That is a way cute bag, and a good deal too! I love the studs on it :)

  2. @ellamarie84 Thanks:) I'm loving it but it's accumulating some stuff inside it already lol:)



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