Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Body Shop Eye Definer Review

All this talk of The Body Shop on other blogs lately has inspired me to do a review on the Eye Definer Pencil in Black. This was recently given away as a freebie with In Style Magazine so if you haven't got your copy yet then go get it!! I only bought one and I chose the silvery eyeliner. For anyone who doesn't know In Style September edition included 2 free Body Shop eyeliners and there were 3 different combos to choose from. Black/Gunmetal, Black/Aqua and I think the other one was Black/Green but I may be wrong on that.

Here is a picture of the black eyeliner. Sorry the quality of the pic is pants but it is so hard to photograph a pencil lol!! I need a much better camera for that (dream on).

The eyeliner itself is amazing. I have used it on several occasions and am very impressed with it. It applies very easily after I have warmed it up on the back of my hand and it has staying power in the waterline!! I find it difficult to get a pencil to stay on my waterline but this baby is up to the job:)

The best feature of this pencil is that when you open it for the first time you will find that it is not sharpened to a sharp point iykwim. It appears to have been sharpened to a fine point and then the point has been chopped off. I think this idea is genious!! I hate new pencils that are so pointy you have to blunt them down a little or risk injuring your eye!! Top marks to whoever thought of that:)

These retail at £7.30 which is quite a good price for a great quality eyeliner. However if you're quick you can still get them free with In Style magazine. It costs £3.30 and you get 2 eye pencils. A complete steal:) In fact I'm now contemplating rushing out and getting the other colours myself before it's too late lol!!

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