Monday, 5 April 2010

The Feel Good Factor

Why do we wear makeup?

The reason I do is that I look and feel so much better with it on. Now don't get me wrong. I can leave the house without any makeup on and quite often do but when I wear it I feel so much more confident and better about myself. Shallow eh?

Why do you wear makeup?


  1. Totally agree, I wear make up every day, And Its as if like even on the days where i don't feel my best once I have applied my make up i feel so much better and more alive!! I think make up is a life saviour, Its not about being fake or hiding under a mask it's about you and your persanatlity and how it reflects through your make up :)

    Although I can go without make up, Just gotta grin& bear it lol !


  2. 100% agreed. i was even asked by a makeup assistant in my local superdrug as she always found me there during the weekends to get bits and bobs, without makeup while getting lots of makeup products. I answered cheekily, 'coz nobody will recongise me here and i will put on makup if i need to be in central london, where i will bump into friends' lol.

  3. I def agree!! I feel loads better with make-up on but i also have many days where i wear none at all & it doesnt bother me. my best friend wont even answer the door if she has no make-up on lol!

  4. Thanks for your replies girls. It's lovely to hear what other people think xx

  5. I wear it (these days) because I look just wrecked without it on! I also just love makeup as a hobby, creating new looks etc.



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