Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Autumn Winter 2010 at Next - Clogs

Today I had a little splurge at Next but I wanted to show you my favourite purchase. It is a pair of clogs and apparently they are going to be hot for Autumn/Winter 2010.

I chose a pair with an open toe as I want to start wearing them right away and they were cheaper than the closed toe ones;) As you can see from the picture they are brown and are (in my opinion anyway) quite high. On trying them on I was pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable they are. I know that clogs have a reputation for being comfortable but let's face it, the traditional style of clogs just don't look it do they? Of cousre only time will tell if they are comfortable or not but first impressions are good!!

These set me back £22 (a total steal if you ask me) and are available now at Next:)

Which must have shoes are on your wish list for this Autumn/Winter?


  1. They are lovely & do look very comfortable :)
    My favourite footwear at the moment are Military boots, i already have a pair from River Island but i want some more in different colours :)

  2. Thanks Shelley:) I must check out some military boots too xx



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