Thursday, 28 October 2010

Six Times is a Habit

I read somewhere once that you only have to do something six times for it to become a habit.  I for one believe this to be true.  Last year I religiously moisturised my body after every shower.  It was definitely a good habit to be in and my skin thanked me for it.

However, the flip side of this coin is that it only takes you to stop doing something 6 times for that to become the habit.  Over the summer I became very lazy about body moisturisation.  I don't know why, as it's so much easier to do when the weather is warmer and you're not freezing when you step out of the shower.  I can only put it down to laziness.

Now though my skin is becoming very dry again and we are definitely in dry, flaky skin kind of weather.

Today I bought this:

It's the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Body Treatment.  It sounded just up my street and exactly what my skin ordered.  Plus, there is nothing like a brand spanking new product to help form new habits, right?

What it says on the info:

"A fast absorbing moisturising treatment for the body.
  • Saturates deeply and moisturises intensely
  • Reverses skin dryness and flaking
To use: apply generously on body.
Clinically and dermatologist tested."

Sounds just the job for my dry skin and I have already applied my first application post shower.  Only five more times to go for my old habit to be reinstated!!

What good beauty habits would you like to start?

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