Saturday, 11 June 2011

Free Benefit Makeup With Glamour Magazine

The July issue of the UK magazine Glamour has some Benefit freebies in it. This now seems to be an annual event. This is the 3rd time now that I have got Benefit makeup free with Glamour.

This year they are giving away small, sample sizes of 3 of their cult faveourites. You can choose between Benetint, Posie Tint or High Beam. I have chosen Posie Tint as I already have the others. The bottles are 4ml sized. This year is disappointing as in previous years they have given away full size products. However, a freebie is still a freebie and the magazine itself only costs £2 so it's definitely not to be sniffed at. Together the 3 products are worth £28 so that makes each one worth around £9 each. If you want you can pick up all 3 for the princely sum of £6.

This issue of Glamour is on sale now and has sold out very quickly in the past. So if you want a great opportunity to try these beauties for yourself then get down to your local newsagent straight away!!


  1. I am jealous :) You ladies in the UK get the coolest freebies! I have a tiny sample of posie tint and I prefer it over benetint.

  2. @ellamarie84 I know, we are really lucky with our freebies :-) xx

  3. Hi Jenny, I got the Posie tint too and bought another mag to get High Beam. I haven't really used them yet. I posted a blog you might be interested in with other July freebies from magazines at: I hope these are of interest to you and your readers and that you can get them fairly easily there. Karen



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