Monday, 18 July 2011

Free Boots 17 Gel Liner

Boots 17 is a range of cheap cosmetics which are aimed at younger people.  That is teenagers and early twenties.  However, the range is (mostly) really good and as it's so cheap it represents excellent value for money.  For that reason I think its range of customers goes way beyond its target.  It's a great way of trying new colours/trends at a fraction of the price and if you don't like/suit it then it's no big loss.  It is always following the latest makeup trends and is an excellent first port of call if you want to too!!

They also do really good gifts with purchase and are really worth a look then.  Currently they are offering a free Falsifeye gel liner with a purchase of their new mascara - Falsifeye.

The mascara costs £6.79 which is quite expensive for this range.  However with a free gel liner thrown in for that price I was willing to overlook it:)

The gel liner comes in the same kind of little pot that all gel liners come in.  It also comes with a little liner brush.

When I swatched it I was quite disappointed with the intensity of the colour.  It's not a true black black.  It seems quite wishy washy and I was able to remove it with a few wipes from a wet finger.

That said I am not a huge fan of true black eyeliner on myself.  It can be very harsh so in that respect this could be the perfect black for me.  However, I am concerned about it's staying power.  Only time will tell.  I will not be trying it out properly until my next day off.  I do not want any make up faux pas in work!  Watch this space for an update.  I will also be reviewing the mascara when I've tried it out.

I hope you all had a great weekend xx

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