Thursday, 23 February 2012

For The Love of Mac Bare Slimshine

Mac's Bare Slimshine has to be one of my all time favourite lipsticks.  It's a beautiful, moisturising formula which feels great on the lips.  The colour Bare is just perfect for every day use and can be applied without the use of a mirror.

But since it has been discontinued what next?

As I am nearing the end of my last tube I thought it was time to find a replacement.  So yesterday I went to Mac and asked one of the staff what is the nearest thing to Bare Slimshine?  She told me it would be Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Bare Again.  This cost me £13.50.

I have to say it is almost exactly like Bare Slimshine.  Here are the 2 together:

There is no real difference in the colour.  The tubes are different and the Bare Again is wider.  I'm not sure if it contains more lipstick than Bare Slimshine as I can't see the weight on the tube and I no longer have the box.

Here they are swatched:

Bare Slimshine is the narrower swatch at the top and Bare Again is the wider swatch.  Not much between them then.  The girl also said they are very similar in texture which was apparent when I swatched them together.

Only time will tell if I will love Bare Again as much as my wee favourite Bare Slimshine RIP.

Have you tried any of the Sheen Supreme lipsticks and are they as lovely or perhaps even nicer than the Slimshines?

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