Friday, 31 August 2012

Shavata Totally Tropical Tweezer Collection

Shavata has created a collection of summer inspired slanted tweezers that will help brows stay "beach ready" between appointments.  

What's that I hear you say?  It's a bit late for summer!  What summer!  Well, I agree that it is a bit late for summer (what little sun we did have) but it's never to late to brighten up your day with a pair of pretty tweezers.  And pretty is what these tweezers most definitely are.

And not just pretty but they are very sturdy and work really well.  Slanted tweezers are definitely best for use on eyebrows.  Most professionals would agree with that I'm sure.  They are also great for poking out ingrowing hairs on other areas of your body (but that's a whole different story).

They have a wider grip area and are extremely comfortable to hold and work with.  They feel like great quality tweezers and won't break the bank.

They are available from QVC in the UK and come in a variety of different designs ranging from £9.95-£14.90.  The Kiwi Cocktail and Cupcakes ones that I have are only £9.95.

These were sent to me for review purposes.  I would purchase these myself although I won't need to in the near future as I have these ones.

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