Sunday, 7 September 2014

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup Review

I recently went to my local Estee Lauder counter to try a sample of this.  It totally sounds like the perfect foundation for me and I knew I'd just have to give it a go.  Estee Lauder is great because they let you take a small sample away with you for free.  This means you can give the foundation a really great road test before spending your hard earned cash on something that may not even work for you.  They give you a sample that should last around 7-10 days.

I was colour matched to Desert Beige.

Unusually for me this is not the lightest offering they have.  I have been using it for a few days now and feel I am ready and have tested it enough to share my experience.

This foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump.  It looks luxurious and so it should at £37.

It has an SPF of 25 which is really great for a foundation.  It claims to firm, brighten and hydrate and give a medium coverage with a satin finish.  So far I agree with that although I haven't been using it enough to comment on the firming effect.  

I love the coverage it gives.  It's definitely medium and looks really natural.  No cake here!!  It lasts well.  I have given it a trial for a few days and have even managed to wear it for 22 hours.  It lasted really well over the 22 hours.  I'm not someone who touches up make up other than lipstick.  So here's a scary picture of me at the end of 22 hours of wear.  If you are of a nervous disposition look away now lol.

Overall this is a really great foundation.  I am so happy with it in all aspects.  It is pricy though so for now I won't be purchasing the full sized bottle (which is the bog standard 30ml) but you can be sure that I will be tempted at some point in the near future to buy it.  Probably at the next Gift With Purchase I find.  In the meantime though I am enjoying my sample and as I have quite a number of Estee Lauder counters near me I may pick up another sample before purchase.

As with any Estee Lauder foundation I would definitely recommend trying a sample yourself first.  Why not? You've got nothing to lose and you may find your Holy Grail foundation.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

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