Friday, 11 September 2015

No 7 Airbrush Away Foundation

This foundation is the latest one to join the No 7 family of foundations.  It was launched last week and I happened to be in Boots the day after the launch and they were obviously pushing the new foundation.  Of course me being me I didn't take much persuasion and I left with a shiny new bottle of it in the shade Calico.

It's reassuring that I was colour matched again and still came up with the same shade.  I have always been matched to Calico by this machine so its pretty consistent.

The foundation costs £16.50 so it's quite expensive and therefore may be worth the wait for a 342 offer to come along.  When I got mine there was a buy one get one half price so I also got myself colour matched to a blusher which I haven't tried as yet.

So far so good with the foundation.  I've been wearing it for the last 3 days.  It wears well, blends well and a little goes a long way.  It doesn't settle into fine lines like some foundations do which is a huge plus for me as I find this to be a problem when one reaches a certain age.

My only complaint is I hate the packaging.  It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.  Obviously there must be some sensible reason for the dropper but for the life of me I cannot see it.  I find it to be awkward and not very efficient using the dropper.  It's not very good at dropping.  I have used it to swipe the foundation straight onto my face which works quite well and much better than using the dropper as an actual dropper.  I then blend it in with my Real Techniques Buffing brush.  The coverage is better than I expected and it can be built up to your desired coverage.  This makes it great for every day use and also for building up for that special night out.

I cannot recommend this foundation highly enough.  I truly love it.  If only they would change the packaging then it would be perfect xx

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