Sunday, 13 September 2009

Marks and Spencer Haul

I decided to treat myself to a few non make up related goodies in Marks and Spencer today:) I saw a few of these items yesterday in a different M&S but resisted the urge to splurge. However with 24hrs to think about it I decided I needed a few of the things I had seen.

First up we have this denim skirt. I have been after a denim skirt for a long time and all the ones I have seen have been just a tad too short for a lady of my age:( So when I saw this yesterday it was love at first sight. It is a good "sensible" length, coming to just above my knees. I will be wearing it with black opaque tights. It is part of the new Indigo range and I have to say there are quite a few items from this range that I have my eye on but I must be good and resist lol.
The skirt cost £25 and comes with a belt. I think it will look great with my next purchase. I am not normally a skirt wearer but I have decided I should start wearing skirts. We shall see lol.

Next are these boots. These are also love at first sight. These boots are totally me. I'm sure I will get lots of wear out of them either with leggings or the skirt.
I was originally eyeing up a pair of knee highs yesterday but when I saw these today I just had to have them. They are £29.50 and also come in brown.
They come to a couple of inches above the ankle and have a bit of a heel on them. Not too high that I'll break my neck in them but a height that I'll be able to walk easily in. I definitely dress for comfort first.
Finally I spied these jeans which are also part of the Indigo range. I love the colour of these and the fit. I tried these on in the shop and they looked great on. They are boot cut and sit just below the waist. They cost £15 which I think is an absolute bargain!!
I'm in love with M&S right now. I'm such a granny lol! Do you like M&S clothing? What items do you love from there?


  1. Thanks:) I'm thinking of nipping back today and hauling a few more items. There is a gorgeous bag that i "need" lol

  2. nice jeans! I have trouble with jeans and have so many crappy pairs now that I am kind of giving up on ever finding some nice affordable jeans - so good on you! I think I am going to have to go to Calvin Klein or Levis to finally find my HG pair of jeans to live in lol.

  3. Thanks everyone:) I have been wearing the jeans for 2 days now and they are fab. I love the colour, they are so comfortable and possibly the best £15 I have ever spent:)



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