Sunday, 6 February 2011

Clinique Lip Gloss - Not Just a Pretty Gloss!

My little Clinique lip gloss that I carry in my pocket at work met with an unfortunate accident today.  Well to be more precise it met with 2 accidents today.  First of all it had a wee ride in the washing machine and then it had a go in the tumble drier.  For an hour!  I didn't notice the rattling coming from the tumbler as I wasn't near it and by the time I did notice it had been on for an hour!  I thought it was money rattling around in there and was shocked to see it was my lip gloss.  To be honest, this gloss has been through at least 2 washes before (I'm such a bad lip gloss mummy) but it has never before been in the tumble drier. 

I am pleased to report that it has come out pretty much unscathed and still totally usable.  I thought the centrifugal forces involved in several washes may have had a detrimental effect on the gloss and left it unusuable but apart from a few scratches on the lid it's still perfect.  Even the writing hasn't come off.  The above picture was taken after it emerged from the tumble drier.

The moral of the story?  A good quality lip gloss can worth the extra expense if you are prone to putting them in the washing machine like me:)

Have you ever washed or tumble dried your lipgloss?  I'm sure a lipstick would never survive.  Thank goodness I haven't tried that one yet!

Have you ever washed anything that shouldn't have been washed?  The worst thing for me was, years ago, washing my pay check.  Not a good move!!

For anyone interested the lip gloss is a small sample size, received in one of my Clinique Bonus Time purchases.  It is Full Potential Lips in 08 Playfull Plump.

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  1. Ha ha ! if it survived that im guessing it could survive a cappuchino!!

    My daughter threw a new mac one in her bath but it was quickly retrieved by me!

    I did wash my husbands mobile phone once but it worked out well as he now does his own laundry! lol!



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