Saturday, 16 April 2011


Today my GHDs met with a fatal accident at the hands of my husband.  I am a hair straightener addict and I need these in my life!!  I dread the next hair wash without these:(

Unfortunately I am a bit broke at the moment so can anyone recommend me a pretty decent but much cheaper set of hair straighteners?  I need something to keep me going until I can afford new GHDs.

Thanks in advance for your help xx


  1. omg! i would go mental if mine got broke :( ive had the same GHD's for years now & there still going strong :) i dont really know of any others just as good though sorry :( you could try Hairtools. i hope that helps :)

  2. @Shelley1402 Thanks, it's a complete nightmare! I'll check out hairtools and see what they are like:) I've had my GHDs for years too:(

  3. I am dreading the day mine pack up on me :( good luck xx



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