Friday, 2 September 2011

RIP Nars Sabrina

As you can see from the photographic evidence below, my Nars Sabrina has met with a messy end.

 I am sad about the loss of this lovely lip balm, but I'm afraid that it is now beyond "normal" use.  I am going to have to perform a depotting exercise on this in the very near future.  If I don't, I am afraid that on pressing it to my lips it will fall off and land on the floor, being completely lost to me forever:(

As you can see from the next picture it is decidedly wonky!!

However, it has had a good life and has been well loved.  Here is another picture to prove that:

It has been well reduced in the tube.  I am sad though that this item is no longer avaiable:(

Have you ever loved and lost a discontinued item of makeup?

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