Sunday, 13 November 2011

Breakages - The Bane of My Life

Recently I've had a couple of nail breakages. It's so annoying as one minute I have beautiful, long nails but in a split second that can change and often does. Mostly I break them on the car door. I have a habit of not holding the handle firmly enough and my hand just slips off, normally catching a nail. This is no friend to my nails!!

Here is the current state of my right hand.

It's not pretty. It's really at the point where I should take all my nails back to the same length. Although, as my index and middle fingers are very short I will probably leave this task for a week or so.

I had been planning some nails videos but these too will have to wait. Ho hum.

Do you cut all of your nails back when some break? I normally wait for 2 or 3 to break before I do. What is your number?


  1. Once I lose two nails...they all get cut off and I start growing all of them together so they look better, in my opinion.

  2. @Perdnee agreed, 2 is the magic number xx

  3. I usually keep my nails pretty short, and uses my trusty method of "hold a fist" as my gage, i.e. if I hold a fist and my nails digs into my palm too much, I'll file them back. And at that length it doesn't break on me. Nothing irks me more than one short broken nail among long nails, so for me I guess my number would be 1. ; P



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