Friday, 20 April 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Range

This is the latest range from John Frieda and claims to "revive over styled hair, weightlessly repairs and is for damage from heat and colour".

A sure range that will tempt heat styling junkies like myself.  As much as I tell myself I love my hair with it's natural wave, I just can't deny that I prefer it when it has been straightened with my GHDs.  They give me a sleek finish and the style can last for 3-4 days.  Great for when I'm working a lot and don't have time to wash it.  I have to admit that my hair requires more washing when I leave it to its own devices.

Enter the new John Frieda range:)

The items I am reviewing to day are the shampoo, conditioner and the heat activated styling spray.  From the moment I started using these it has been love.  They smell fresh and not heavily scented.  The first thing I noticed after washing, conditioning and applying the heat activated spray was how easily the brush went through my wet hair.  I know I should only use a comb on wet hair but hey ho this is real life and I don't always remember.  The brush is usually much closer to hand;)

I use only one dose of shampoo, one dose of conditioner and then I spray the heat activated spray through my ends only.  This combination gives me the shiny, glossy and healthy looking hair that I have always wanted.  My hair also feels healthy to the touch.  You know the kind of hair that you can't stop running your fingers through?  This is definitely it for me.

My one complaint about the shampoo and conditioner is that the bottles look almost identical which makes it that bit more difficult to pick them out in the shower.  You have to physically look and read the labels.  However, this is a small price to pay for luscious locks.  I do love how they come in an upside down style bottle.  This definitely makes it easy to get the product out of the bottle, especially when nearing the end.  It also means that you will get almost all of the product out of the bottles effortlessly thus saving on waste.

These are available currently at Boots and are on offer for 2 selected John Frieda products for £7.50.  I would only ever buy these (or any hair care products) when they are on offer like this.  They are on offer quite often and it's worth waiting for the offer and stocking up on a few bottles to keep you going until the next offer.  After all, hair care is something that most of us use a lot of so you might as well save money where possible.

These items were sent to me for review.  I will be repurchasing.

Have a lovely weekend xx

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