Saturday, 2 June 2012

Free Benefit Makeup With Glamour Magazine

It's that time of year again when Glamour Magazine teams up with Benefit Cosmetics to give away sample sizes of some of their best sellers.

This year you can choose from Bad Lash Mascara worth £10, the Pore Fessional worth £10 or That Gal primer worth £15. They went on sale on Thursday in the UK but normally take a day to reach Northern Ireland.

On Thursday I looked but to no avail. On Friday I looked again and could find tonnes of copies with Bad Gal and Pore Fessional but none with That Gal. Of course That Gal is the one I want as I have already tried the other two.

Today is Saturday and eleven shops later and I still haven't found That Gal. Again each shop had lots of the other two. Weird or what? I think it's more than a coincidence. I don't believe that all the shops could sell out of the same one. I'm actually thinking now that perhaps none of the That Gal made it to NI.

I bought one with Bad Lash mainly because I was fed up looking and wanted to read the magazine anyway. It is one that I would buy now and again.

So, I'd love to know if anyone has managed to track down the illusive That Gal. I'd love to try it but it looks like I'll have to buy the full size rather than avail of this great offer as I'm looking no more!!


  1. You are so lucky! In the US magazines don't come with any freebies

    1. We are so lucky. The freebies are great :)

  2. I found that in the United Kingdom there was not many that gal primer samples either! pity as that is the one i wanted too :-(

    1. Very disappointing :( At least it wasn't just me who couldn't get one xx



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