Sunday, 8 November 2009

Free Nails Inc Nail Polish

December's issue of Glamour Magazine has a free Nails Inc Nail Polish with it. As far as I can tell there are 4 different colours. I spotted this in Tesco today and they only had one choice of colour there. Luckily for me it's exactly the kind of colour I'm loving at the minute:) The colour is Elizabeth Street. The magazine costs £2 and the polish is worth £10.50 so definitely worth picking up for the nail polish. I may pick up another colour if I see it. I have been known to visit several shops when I'm on a mission to collect certain freebies *blushes*.
Glamour is a magazine I would by quite often anyway so it's impossible to resist when it has freebies lol:)

I have never tried any Nails Inc products so I'm looking forward to trying this polish:) Have you ever used their polishes before? Do you like them?


  1. There are four colours available, 'Shoreditch' a hot pink, 'Victoria and Albert' a bright red, 'Victoria' a dark cherry red, and the one you got, 'Elizabeth Street'. I've only just taken 'Shoreditch' off and it had absolutely no wear on it whatsoever after three days which is unheard of for me! So far I am pretty impressed with it :D

  2. @Small Town Gal Thanks for the info. Shoreditch and Victoria sound lovely too:) I hope I'm as impressed with it as you xx

  3. man I wish I had that offer here! Maybe I'll have to scout the newsagent in Lausanne to see if it's there, even if it is 15chf lol :)



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