Sunday, 1 November 2009

Pet Peeves

I thought I'd do a post on they types of product that annoy me. Not because they are rubbish (that is a whole other story) but just because they have something about them that annoys me. Probably irrationally but anyway:)

The first type of product that makes it's way into my most annoying list is little pots of stuff. Especially lip balm. I love these products but they really annoy me when my nails become too long to dip into the pot. I hate it when my nail becomes clogged up with the product and I also hate how the product looks when I use my nail the other way round (told you it was irrational didn't I lol).

Next up is oil and water products that have to be shaken before use. The reason they annoy me is that I don't really see the point. The product usually has began to separate again before I am finished which means I have to shake again. I am also convinced that the water part gets used up quicker than the oil part because it's at the top of the bottle (yes another irrational reason lol).

I have pictured the Boots Botanics Eye Make Up Remover because I thought it was worthy of a mention here. Despite the fact that this product annoys me it does do a brilliant job at removing all my eye make up and it's cheap. I will repurchase it and learn to live with my little annoyances:)

What type of products annoy you?


  1. I also HATE it when I get lip balms down my nails.. makes me cringe! I prefer a little tube or something, much less mess. x

  2. Im excatly the same when it comes too those too items!!


  3. Thanks girls:) Great to know I'm not alone lol xx



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