Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Short of Cash?

Need a beauty fix? Then check out your local library. I did and here are my first 2 books.

First of all I got The Body Shop Book. This was published in 1994 so it is quite dated and it turns out that I already own a copy of this!! Oops! I do this all the time so I am glad this time that it's not a repurchase but only a borrowing:) Phew!
It's a lovely book, set out in 10 chapters covering lots of skin, hair and makeup advice. I haven't read through it again yet but I'm off to bed shortly to do just that:)

Secondly I got the book Face Up by Ruby and Millie. This was published in 2000 so still somewhat dated. It is a very basic book and I am glad that I didn't spend any money on it. However it is a nice read and would be useful to the beginner. In my opinion it would have been better with lots more photos and lots more make up looks.
I now have on order some Kevyn Aucoin books. Looking forward to those. Oh and by the way I do already own an Aucoin book but I haven't ordered that one lol (apart from the fact that that one is very hard to come by these days and the library don't have a copy).
Have you any good make up books to recommend to me?


  1. oooh make up books - there's an avenue that never occurred to me before - except for the occasional fashion magazine! Oh no, Jenny, you'll have me off on another obsession in no time lol! great idea with borrowing from the library too :)

  2. I nominated you for a blog award!




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