Sunday, 20 June 2010

Easy Daily Exfoliation

Now that summer has made an appearance in the UK it's time to think about getting your skin in tip top condition so that you can show more of it than normal. Strappy vests, shorts, skirts now form the dress code for summer and the jeans, long sleeved tops and boots have been banished to the back of the wardrobe, if only for a little while:)

So here is my top tip for easy daily exfoliation and you won't even know that you are doing it. It requires no extra effort whatsover.

First of all you need one of these:

A good old faithful scruncie for the shower. Now, maybe you already use one of these and therefore don't need to be converted. If you haven't used one then now is the time to get one. Squirt some of your shower gel on to one of these babies and it will lather up good and proper. Give yourself a good allover scrub with this and it will gently exfoliate at the same time as washing you. As an added bonus your shower gel will last a much longer time, saving you ££££s.

Step 2 invloves ditching your beautiful tumble dried soft and fluffy towels for scratchy towels that have been line dried. Rougher towels will help to exfoliate your skin as you dry yourself.

So now you can exfoliate without even knowing you're doing it and say hello to smooth skin:)


  1. D'you know..
    I'll let you in on my latest regime.
    Sugar and olive oil in a small bowl.
    For face, hands, anywhere.
    You just rub it in and wash it off.
    It's amazing!!!

  2. @jaljen Sounds great:) I'll have to try that recipe. It sounds perfect for hands. I love it when my hands have been exfoliated. It takes years off them lol

  3. great tips! thanks :) x



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