Monday, 28 June 2010

Hair of the Day - Beach Waves

Today I decided to go for a slightly more wavy look than what I normally achieve with my hair from just scrunching alone.

I washed my hair in Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Keep Calm Shampoo and conditioner. I then used my usual John Freida Frizz Ease Curl Perfector spray, combed it through and then turned my head upside down and scrunched. I left it to dry naturally and when it was completely dry I used my conical wand to add some waves to the top layers of hair, then turned my head upside down again and used it in the underneath layers. I then used two kirby grips to pin back the fringe section of hair and voila!

This is the finished look and I was quite pleased with it:)

I'm not sure of the quality of the photo though. I took it with my new iPhone and I used the function that allows you to take the picture with the screen facing you so that you can see what you are photographing (great for taking pics of yourself). However, I don't think the quality this way is the same as the quality I would get if I used it the normal way.

What way did you wear your hair today?


  1. Sooo pretty! I love beach waves, they're my favorite hair style I think. My hair is straight as always, kinda flat today :)

  2. @ellamarie84 Thanks:) I love beach waves too. The only downside is that when you sleep on it it's never the same the next morning:(

  3. Beach waves look good.
    I have very short hair. The aim at the moment is to stop it sticking up like a hedgehog so I flatten and direct it with lots of product. I also put a lot of olive oil on it (during the day at work!) to make it shine.

  4. @jaljen Thanks:) Olive oil for shine sounds good. I'll have to try that xx



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