Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Short Nails Are The Way Forward

Yesterday I took the head staggers and cut all my nails short.

Not so long ago I used to do this religiously whenever I broke a nail but not so much lately and I think my nails were suffering because of it. They were splitting and I was getting tired of it. So now I'm sporting 2 hands of short nails and I'm loving it.

I love that feeling you get when you initially cut your nails short that something is missing:)

My top 10 reasons for having short nails are:

1. Much easier access to little pots of lip balm etc
2. Much easier to type on a keyboard
3. Much easier to use my iPhone
4. Less nail polish required to paint nails so also money saving
5. Less likely to scratch my kids accidentally
6. Less likely to break a nail
7. Much easier to open tins with ring pulls (beans, coke etc)
8. Much easier to apply cream eye products to my eyes (my nose always gets in the way of long nails lol)
9. Much more neat and tidy for work
10. Less chance of scratcing myself accidentally when applying moisturiser etc

What are your reasons for liking short nails, or long nails if you don't like short nails;)


  1. So much more comfortable.
    Much more chic.
    PLUS I just hate long nails. They are so freaky. They actually make me feel nauseous. And it has to be a health hazard surely? Don't they harbour germs beneath the nail?

  2. @jaljen I never even thought of the germs under the nail but there are lots of germs there!! I'm even more glad to have cut them off now lol

  3. Hi jenny, i love my long nails, after years of biting & ravishing them i just love the look of them long now :) ( had to open new blog as i couldnt access my first one)

  4. @Shelley1402 I'm very fickle when it comes to nails. I alternate between loving them long and short. Short is the flavour of the moment lol. What is your new blog address? I need to be following it xx

  5. I love shorter nails because i find that it is easier to keep them all one length (with long nailsI'm always finding that one of them breaks and so I have to file them all down. I also at a computer all day and can type much faster with short nails. But the key reason I keep them so short is because i find they chip less when they are shorter, that way a manicure lasts much longer and I don't have to be constantly touching up chips.

  6. @nelle4362 That's a good point about less chipping of your nail polish:)



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