Sunday, 13 June 2010

Embrace the Pale

I was at an outdoor concert last week and the Beauty Therapist in me was genuinely shocked at the sheer number of girls with very badly applied fake tan. Everywhere I looked all I saw was streaky orange body parts. Not really a good look;0

Check out here for some celebrity tan disasters.

These celebrity disasters are nowhere near as disasterous as the tanning disasters I saw. At least the celebs have the main body of their tan well applied (even if they did forget their hands or legs lol). The girls I saw were simply a mass of orange streaks.

There were many other girls there who had embraced the pale and gone as their natural selves. They still wore the short skirts/shorts/skimpy tops but they looked a million times better than their orange counterparts.

The moral of this story is if you can't apply a fake tan well then don't;0


  1. My hairdresser had gone way overboard on the sun bed when I saw her last week. It's so unattractive.
    I can't bear a tan. It makes one look so workmanlike! Despite keeping out of the sun I do tan a little and I loathe it.
    Who ever thought Tango was a ggod look for skin?

  2. @jaljen Tango is definitely not a good look for the skin lol I wonder why so many people strive to be tangoed. It's one of lifes mysteries;)

  3. ha ha were you at westlife?? I was, and Its funny cause I was giving out about the kids in fake tan, I saw two girls of about 13/14 with very bad fake tan. one of them had tiny hotpants on and you could see the end of the tan...tut tut

    I couldn't believe it... I didn't apply fake tan until I was in my 20's!

  4. @nicolacc2008 No it wasn't West Life, it was Snow Patrol. A lot of these fake tanned girls were about 13/14 as well. I can't remember when I first fake tanned but it certainly wasn't that young lol



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