Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bioderma Haul

About a year ago I discovered Bioderma Crealone TS H2O.  This is a well known cleanser and it is said to be popular among models as it is very gentle on the skin and is ideal for removing lots of makeup, several times per day.  I first saw this stuff when Sam from Pixiwoo mentioned it in one of her videos here. She told us where she bought it from Pharma Discount which is a French based company.  I hot footed it over to their website and duly purchased a bottle.  One year later and my bottle is empty (see the sad empty bottle above).  So I went back to Pharma Discount to buy some more, only to discover that they no longer ship to the UK.  What a disappointment as I had been loving this product and really needed more.  One quick Google search later though and I had found somewhere else to purchase and they delivered to the UK.  I got mine from LeGuideSante which is also a French based company.  Bioderma is a French brand and therefore is more readily available in France.   

So just in case of any repeat episodes in a year's time I bought 3.  See the 3 happy bottles below. 

I had found this cleanser for sale on eBay also but I would have had to pay £20 for one bottle (500ml).  The 3 bottles above cost me £19.33 plus delivery.  The delivery charge was £15 which is perhaps a little expensive, but then it is coming from France and it is quite heavy so maybe not extortionate.

I also got myself some lip balms (well 4 to be precise, don't ask me why I needed 4 lol).

The lip balms are ridiculously cheap.  These 4 cost me £3.72.  They are lovely and moisturising on the lips and I love the fact that they are French and noone else here might have one like it.  Sad I know:)

So on total for the above lot I paid £43.07.  Not bad considering I would have paid £40 for 2 of the bottles on eBay.  I'm happy with my purchase and the service I received.  The parcel took only 6 days to arrive.  Of course I wasn't in when it did arrive but the Parcel Force man took it to my local Post Office rather than all the way back to the Parcel Force depot, so I had no bother getting the parcel.  I was able to walk to the Post Office after dropping the kids at school.

If you haven't tried the Bioderma cleanser you should.  I am in love with it and really missed it when I had run out.  It is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used on face and eyes.  I don't really rate it as an eye makeup remover but I love it for the rest of my makeup.  I use it on dampened cotton wool as this saves a tonne of product.  Your product will not be absorbed right into the cotton wool, wasting most of it.  This is how I got my bottle to last a whole year.  I used it most days too (probably 5 or 6 days a week) and sometimes twice in the one day although I normally only use it to remove makeup at night.  In the morning I need a soapy cleanser as I find this more refreshing at that time of day.

Have you tried any Bioderma products?  I want to try more:)

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