Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Essie Nail Polish Haul and NOTD

Last week I placed an order on eBay for some Essie nail polishes and I also got a Colour Club polish.  I used the seller recommended by Laura, Lollipop26 which can be found here

My polishes arrived yesterday which was very quick.  They took about a week to come from the States.  They were very well packaged in a box with plenty of padding and inside was a cute box which contained all the polishes.  It looked like a tiny wine holder that you can get from the supermarket:)

I had bought 5 polishes in total.  They are:

Essie - Soiree Mauve, Little Brown Dress, Charleston and Sequin Bash. 

I also bought Nothing But Truffle from Colour Club.

I have never tried any polishes from these brands before so I was very eager to get trying.

Last night I painted my nails in Charleston.  It's a beautiful purple/brown/mauve colour.  Last night when I applied it in false light it looked very brown but today in the daylight it looks more of a purple colour.  It's very unusual and quite unlike any other nail polish I own.  Here's a quick NOTD pic:)

I have to say I am already disappointed in the quality.  It applied very streaky and took very careful application to get an even coverage.  In the picture I have applied a base coat, 2 coats of the Essie and Seche Vite top coat. Today, only 12 hours later, I am sporting my first chip on the left thumb.  Not a great start but I'm still looking forward to trying the others:)

Have you ever tried Essie?  What are your favourite colours and did you get any more staying power than me?


  1. I like Essie and I don't get chips. But they can be streaky, I admit. No comfort there. Just make sure you don't pay full price because I don't think they are very competitive in comparison with other polishes at the same price point.....
    No comfort, as I said.... ;o(

  2. @jaljen Thanks for the advice:) I'll do my best not to pay full price xx

  3. I've been wanting to try Essie damsel in a dress since seeing it on a yt video last winter! I wasn't sure where you could buy essie so I'll check out eBay. Hope the others are better quality 

  4. @nicolacc2008 Ooh I might have to add that one to my list:)

  5. I've never loved essie that much...I just don't think the quality is good at all for what you pay. I will say my experience is limited though because I've only tried 2 polishes from them :) I bought mink muffs and I've heard it's a good one so I'm gonna try it out. That color is really pretty on you!

  6. @ellamarie84 Thanks! I'm really not at all impressed with the Essie ones but at least I've tried it and got it out of my system now lol.



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