Saturday, 11 September 2010

Nude Nails of the Day

Today I thought I'd jump on the nude nails bandwagon.  I have had this polish for a while and with a free house this afternoon (hubby and kids are out) I thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a wee play:)

The polish I have chosen is by 2True and is Shade 30.  2True make up is available in Superdrug and is from the cheaper end of the market.  Normally you can pick up 3 items of 2True make up for £5.  Great to cheer yourself up on a budget!!

The colour of Shade 30 is beautiful and I have applied 2 coats to achieve this.  I also have a base coat on and Seche Vite top coat.  The colour is perfect for every day wear as it's not too "in your face" which is perfect if you need to keep it subtle for work/school/college.  If you are allowed to wear nail polish to work/school/college of course. 

However I was disappointed with the ease of application.  Well basically it wasn't easy at all.  The brush is really short (although it does go all the way to the bottom of the bottle, so it's as long as it can be).  You get 9ml in the bottle and I found it really cumbersome to apply.  The lid/handle is quite large and is difficult to dip into the bottle for more polish and when you have wet nails this makes it difficult to apply without having any mishaps!!  I did have a few minor ones.  Maybe this could be resolved by having a taller, narrower bottle.  Compared with Boots 17 nail polish (which only has 8ml in a bottle) this is much more difficult to apply and I think this can be attributed to the shape of the bottle and lid.

I do like this colour but I'm unsure as to whether the faff of application is actually worth it.  Surely I can find something similar that is easier to apply?  My quest starts here!!

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