Monday, 5 December 2011

Boots and Boots Haul

The snow has arrived in Britain!!  Yesterday afternoon it went from being nice and sunny to a major snowstorm within the space of about 20 minutes.  Luckily, as I live near the coast, it's never quite as bad here, so when I got up this morning there was only a slight covering of snow which had frozen solid.  It took me ages to defrost the car.  A major pain when going anywhere in a hurry!!

So, taking the weather into account, I put on my cheap Ugg like boots from last year.  I knew they didn't have much life left in them but I was determined!  However, after stepping in a huge puddle at the filling station, I realised that they had even less life left in them as my feet got slowly wet.  Yukky!!  As I was going to the shopping center anyway I decided to have a look for some replacements.  I spied myself a pair of Sketchers that had good sensible soles on them and looked like they could withstand more than one winter.  And with the price already reduced and a further 20% off I was intrigued.  So I tried them on, paid for them, and am now showing them some love.  Here they are:

They have fur on the inside and can be worn with the top folded over, as above, or not, as below:

They have really nice buttons on the outside, which are lost from view when the top is folded over.

And here is a view from the back, just to prove that they are really Sketchers:)

These boots were originally £65 but today with the extra discount and the 20% off I got them for £44.  I was very pleased with myself:)  I bought them in Barrats.

And as I was in the mood for Boots I made a quick visit to Boots the Chemist.  I needed a new 17 nail polish in Risky Red.  As you know from my YT videos it is a firm favourite of mine.  Boots had an offer on 17.  When you bought 2 products you got a little sparkly purse free.  The purse contains the nail polishes of the season.  Of course, knowing my luck, one of the free polishes was Risky Red.  So now I have 2.  The free polishes are smaller in size though.  They are 8ml instead of 10ml.  There is also a free nail file in the purse.  Perfect for me as I always break nails when I am far away from my nail file, so this one can be with me at all times!!

I also bought a 17 nail polish in Woo Me to get the freebie.  The polishes that come in the purse are Risky Red, Nightshade and a Glitter Top Coat.  Perfect for the party season.

I also bought some Neutrogena hand cream.  This was also on offer at £2.50.  It's the perfect friend to hands during this cold weather.  My hands are always very dry and do suffer during winter.  Hopefully this will help to keep them nice and soft.

What winter purchases have you made?

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