Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Freebie Alert

This month's issue of Red magazine has a lovely make up bag free with it. It's by Cowshed (anyone heard of this brand?) and it comes in 2 colours - black or white. I opted for the black as you can see in the picture. It's quite a good size, it would hold all the make up I use on a day to day basis. It's black vinyl/pvc type material on the outside so it can be wiped down. The inside is like a satin kind of material and it also feels kind of padded. It's a lovely bag. I couldn't resist, even though I need another make up bag like I need a hole in the head lol!!

Red is a magazine I have never bought before (I will probably only buy it in future if it has a desirable free gift) and it retails ot £3.50. However, this edition has £1 off which it says on the front is exclusive to Tesco. So if you want to get this then save yourself the extra quid by going to Tesco.
This magazine is what I'd call a grown up magazine. It has a mixture of beauty, fashion, health, real life stories etc but it also has recipes and some home items. It's quite a good read and I'll be taking this to bed with me tonight. I'm not a big magazine buyer anyway. I prefer to read other peoples (saves a fortune lol!!) but when I do buy one it has to be reasonably cheap and with a free gift. I'm such a tightwad lol!!
So what magazines do you read regularly? What are your faves?


  1. they sell this brand on asos so i bought the mag just for the bag!! x

  2. Cowshed is a spa, it's a fab brand :) xxx

  3. Thanks everyone. I see also from the latest Boots Health and Beauty Mag that Boots.com are stocking it. I may have to check that out!!



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