Friday, 5 June 2009

Make Up Free Day

What with all the sunny weather we've been having I have become very lazy with my make up. So much so that a few make up free days have been had. This pic was taken on Wednesday at the beach (just in case you couldn't tell from the background lol!!). I love not wearing make up almost as much as I love wearing it. I think it's important to give my skin a few make up free days now and again. The best part of not wearing any make up is not having to take it all off at bed time. What do you like about not wearing any make up? Do you go out of the house without make up?


  1. Hi Jenny, you look beautiful without any makeup. I too have started having makeup-free days. I've also ventured out of my house with a touch of eye makeup and gloss on but no foundation or blush. Its a start! xxNadia

  2. @LoveLipstickandLime Thanks Nadia. I'm sure you look beautiful with no make up too!! I love your most recent pics on your blog. Beautiful!!

  3. what a good idea...maybe I will give it a try this weekend. cheers, Michelle

  4. As superficial as it sounds i can't go out without makeup, i just feel too bare and like everyone is looking at what a mess i look lol
    I don't apply everything though, just a little powder and mascara :) xx

  5. I agree, I like to have no make-up days now and then to let my skin breath!! especially in the summer. How are you?



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