Friday, 29 May 2009

Urban Decay Haul

So as you all know I was at Debenhams yesterday to get my hands on some Illamasqua. Yeah!! While I was there I decided to get a few Urban Decay things as there was 10% off. This is what I got:

First of all I got the 24/7 Glide on pencil in Bourbon. I mentioned this the other day in my May Favourites video on YT because I love the black one but wanted to try a more every day wearable brown for me. I haven't tried it yet but if the black is anything to go by it will be well loved.

Then I got the Ammo palette. This now comes with a full size UDPP!! The colours are amazing and I can't wait to get playing with this baby lol!!

Finally I got the Sustainable palette. Again another lovely collection of colours!! I love UD!!

Have you fallen in love with UD yet? If you have what are your must haves? I already have the Deluxe palette and love it but these 2 have more every day kind of colours in them.


  1. Great haul! I just got the Baked Palette which is my first Urban Decay purchase. LOVE IT. I now want the palettes you mention here. Sigh. So much makeup.So little money. Have a agreat weekend.

  2. UD products are great. I love all the packaging! Great Haul!

  3. I love UD products! Great Haul.
    looking forward to seeing you around the blog world!
    xx belle

  4. I've tried UD but i've never really liked it that much
    I've found the eyeshadows too sparkly in the palette i have but i might try some other products
    It would be interesting to know if you like the UDPP as i was thinking about trying it xx



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