Monday, 4 May 2009

New Coastal Scents Palette

About a month ago I got this new palette from Coastal Scents. I love their palettes (I have most of them lol) and their customer service is great. You always get a wee free sample too. However with the economy as it is and the exchange rate as rubbish as it is I would advise anyone in the UK to wait until this pops up on eBay to get a better deal. It is a lovely palette and worth having but it can work out very expensive at the present time. Remeber you will also have to pay customs charges. Altogether I think this palette cost me in the region of £40-45. I suppose that isn't bad considering what you get in the palette but it's just so depressing when not that long ago the pound was stronger and shopping from the States was better value.

I must do some looks with this for my blog soon!! Anyone else got this or any other CS palettes?


  1. Nice colours - some cool pinks!! :) Are you going to do some looks for us please :)

  2. How are you liking this?
    I have the 88 palette in matte and shimmer and love it, great dupes for some MAC pro matte shadows.

    Come stop by my blog and say hello!
    xx Belle

  3. Very nice! I would totally love to see some looks soon! Thanks for following also!
    Take care



  4. @Belle Du Jour I'm loving this palette. Great pigmentation and it's nice to have the blushers as well. I love the original 88 palette more than the shimmer one though. All these palettes are great!!

  5. I tried to order some of the hot pots and palettes from Coastal Scents - but I can't because they don't ship to Switzerland for some reason :( Are their products really that good? Because if they are, I would be willing to pay someone who can get their products to order for me and then post to me. Cheers! Jazz

  6. @jassydevil yes their products are amazing. Especially the brushes. So cheap and such good quality. I haven't tried the Hot Pots though I would love to.



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